Canada has long been recognized worldwide for its top-quality forage products. In fact, alfalfa, the most widely grown forage legume in Canada, is recognized globally as premium feed for dairy and beef cattle and horses. Furthermore, Canada’s alfalfa processing or dehydration industry has gradually matured over the last four decades to become one of the world’s largest exporters of alfalfa cubes and pellets .


Alfalfa is often called the “Queen of forages” and is commonly used for dairy cattle, horses and beef cattle. It has the highest yield potential and one of the highest feeding values of all adapted perennial forage legumes. It has high protein and calcium content and a highly digestible fiber. Alfalfa is high in protein, calcium, plus other minerals and vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, making it
the preferred forage for dairy cows and horses and is recognized around the world. Alfalfa hay is widely grown in Western Canada, due to this regions ideal growing conditions for this nutrient rich legume.


Bale Sizes :

Bale Sizes :
Canadian Alfalfa hay & grass products are compressed into bales that allow easy and efficient handling. The press is set up to accept chopped product to produce a 420-430 kg compressed bale in a sleeve, which is preferred by many large farms. After compressing, the following bales are available:

Jumbo bale : 420- 430 kg.
Small bales : 30 kg , 40 kg , 60 kg &120 kg .

The compression technology enables to load up to 26 Metric tons per 40’ container and reduces the costs for the customers because of the ability to maximize the volume per container .

To maximize the volume per container .

Alfalfa 02

Alfalfa Hay

Product : Alfalfa Hay .
Source : Canada .
Color : Green .
Sizes : 30/40/50/60 KG Bales – Double compressed .
Cut : 1 st and 2 nd cut Timothy Hah .
Steam Size : Fine – Medium – Thick
Regular Lab. Analysis: (Digestible energy – Dry Matter – Protein – ADF –NDF – RFV – Calcium – Phosphorus. etc.).

Packing & Shipping: – 

• 20 – 40 – 40 HI Cube Containers.

• Wrapping Compressed Canadian Hay forinternational shipping.

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